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Simplifying Complexity since 1999

GEM Software Development was founded in 1999 with a single aim - to take complex information and transform it into simplified web-based solutions to make the job of the end users as easy and effortless as possible. Our principal work involves projects within state government, typically bridging the gap between program administrators and non-state government end users. GEM currently manages projects in Maine, Virginia, Washington D.C., Texas, Georgia and Illinois. GEM has also developed two branded products, a Medicaid billing system (GEMCare) and a Student Case Management System (SCMS) both of which are used extensively in school districts throughout Maine.

The GEM team is comprised of a group of talented problem solvers and software developers that includes internet entrepreneurs, data analysts, evaluation experts, programmers, and individuals with expertise in education, quality improvement and health care. Corporate shares are held equally by Gary Seekins of Kennebunk, GEM's President, Chief Technology Officer, and contact for all Special Project Contracts; Ed Anthonis Jr. of Searsport, its Executive Vice President and CFO, and Dr. George S. Smith, of Winthrop, Vice President and principal contact for New Product Development.

GEM has developed a sterling reputation for responsiveness to customer needs and for flexibility regarding client requests. We work hard to build lasting and fruitful relationships with our clients. We want satisfied customers and do whatever is needed to make that happen.

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